Half Marathon Training : Week 7 and 8 Recap

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Hi everyone!  I hope you're all having a great weekend.  Since I was traveling last week, I didn't really recap my training.  Today will be a double recap of week 7 and 8 (although week 7 isn't very exciting!)  In Europe, we spent a lot of time walking and hiking and ended up doing over 15 miles a day!  I didn't want to push myself too much, so I took it easy with running to avoid injury.   

Week 7

Wednesday - 3.5 miles / 32:50 / 9:22 pace
Ran around Kungsparken in Malmo.  There were so many parks near our hotel and they were all perfect for running!  I was hoping to run a second time in Sweden, but we had early trains to catch.

Saturday - 3.16 miles / 25:27 / 8:03 pace

My first Park Run!  We ran three laps around Faelledparken, and my splits were 9:06, 8:09 and 8:00.  My legs felt great and fresh, and I ended up getting 4th place for women!

Week 8

Monday - Rest day!
I started feeling sick on the plane ride home, so I just took it easy and went on a nice, long walk with Selma.  I missed her so much!  Also tried out the SeaWheeze 2013 yoga practice (thanks to a suggestion from Michelle)

Tuesday - 3.75 miles / 33:05 / 8:49 pace
I still felt a little sick, but most of it cleared up.  I wanted to take it easy and not push too much, so I ended up doing less than my scheduled 4.5 miles. (I actually made that mile up on Wednesday!  Dan wanted to get a run in, so how could I say no?  We took it nice and easy and it felt great).

Group Centergy
I missed this class while I was away!  It felt great to stretch and do some yoga.  Our instructor is pregnant, and I'm loving the sub we have.  She gives a lot of feedback and tips for getting the most out of the positions, and it really helped!

Wednesday - 4.35 miles / 40:00 / 9:11 pace
Early morning tempo run!  It felt great to get in my run before work again.  The weather was perfect for me- slightly humid and in the 60's.  I ran 10:00 warmup, 10:00 @ 9:00 pace, 5:00 @ 8:30 pace, 5:00 @ 8:00 pace, 10:00 cool down.  Felt good towards the end!

Thursday - 3 miles / 28:27 / 9:27 pace
Great, easy run in the morning.  The weather was perfect, and I listened to an older episode of Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me (my favorite podcast!).  Legs felt amazing the entire time!

Group Power
Wow...this class was tough.  I missed a few weeks and I could tell!  My arms were shaking by the end, and my legs felt sore the rest of the week.  I need to get back into strength training!

Friday - 1.5 miles / 14:38 / 9:45 pace
Dan wanted to run again, so we went for an evening run.  We also took Selma to the park for a longer walk with her, so it was a great rest/cross training day! 

Saturday - 5 miles / 48:10 / 9:34 pace
Dan and I joined the True Runner Run Club (any local people - if you do 10 runs with Run Club, you get a $20 True Runner gift card!)  It was a lot of fun and we did 2 miles with the group, then I ran home.  

Sunday - 10 miles / 1:45:00 / 10:30 pace
My first "hot" run and longest of my cycle so far.  I ran fine the first lap around North Park (~9:00) pace, then alternated between running and walking because the heat was getting to me.  I didn't want to push it and end up passing out, so I just used this as an easy run.  It was a beautiful day out, just HOT!!

Total for week: 29 miles / 1 strength session / 1 yoga session

This was my highest mileage week of my training cycle so far.  It came just as summer temperatures arrived (hello, 90 degree days!)  I'm glad I'm able to train in hot weather in case race day is warm.  It was a rough week getting back into my schedule after traveling, but I'm glad I got all of my workouts in!  Only a few weeks to go :)

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  1. Great job getting back into your routine so quickly! Re-integrating back into reality is always tough. It seems like your training is going really great in general. I think training in this weather will definitely pay off on race day, no matter what the temps are. Selma has the prettiest face! :-)

    1. Thank you! It was tough but luckily I stayed active during my trip so it wasn't TOO horrible. Hopefully all this pain will pay off! I'm going to be running in to the evenings this week when it's hotter to get used to it faster. We'll see how it goes :)

  2. Nice weeks and way to still hit your highest week during a hot and muggy week. At least you will be prepared if you get dealt a real hot day on race day.

  3. As much as the hot runs suck, it will make for an easier race day. If it's hot you're prepared, if it's not, it will feel like you're flying :-D !!

    1. That would be amazing! I guess it's a good thing it's been 90 out this weekend and will be warm this week...better than that happening race day :)

  4. Great job on getting right back into training when you got home from your travels. Those first hot days of the year are always such a struggle for me too. My pace slows way down and the whole run is just so tiring. But I think it beats running through the snow and ice, so I try not to complain too much!

    1. Same here! I prefer running in the heat over cold (especially once my body is used to it). It's a lot faster to dress for one thing!

  5. Great job on training, even on vacation! I do think it's difficult to get back into my regular schedule when I get back from a fun trip. I always need a couple days to recover from traveling home.

    1. Same here! I always seem to get some kind of 24-hour bug after getting home and just need some rest.


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