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Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday!  I absolutely love short work-weeks, and feel like it should still be Monday.  We're already halfway through the week- WOO HOO!

For today's post, I'm reviewing an awesome product that was sent to me: Voke Tabs!  I was really excited to be contacted by the company to try these out.  They're supposed to be a natural source of energy with no crash!  Here are some facts I got from their website:
Disclaimer: Voke Tabs were sent to me for review, but I was not paid for a blog post or compensated in any way!  All thoughts are my own.
- Each tab gives you a few hours of smooth, natural energy from organic guarana berry (for focus and memory), natural green tea leaf caffeine (for endurance) and organic acerola cherry (for vitamin C antioxidants)

- There's no sugar added, no artificial flavor or color, and there's only 2 calories per tab!

- If you replace a coffee each day with a Voke tab, you can save $972 eliminate 72,000 calories each year!  The image below is from Voke's website:

Now that we see how great these tabs seem to be, let's get into a review.  I tried three tabs at three different times of the day to see if they really worked!

Test #1 : Post-work, Pre-gym

My first test was after a long day at work, before I had to go for a run and a gym class.  I was exhausted and the last thing I wanted to do was work out!  It was the perfect opportunity to test out the Voke tabs!

I took one tab about 30 minutes before I left for my run.  The tabs themselves are pretty large and thick, but easy to chew.  They have a slightly bitter berry taste (I assume from the cherries) that does linger for a while.

After taking the tab and getting ready for my run, I felt almost as if a fog was being lifted from around me.  It was a really weird sensation, and happened almost immediately!  It almost felt as if I just woke up from a nap and was in the process of fully waking up.  It may have been a placebo effect, but I definitely felt more energized and ready to work out!

On my run, I ran without a Garmin, and ran a lot faster that I expected : 8:40 pace for a pretty hilly 3 mile course, and I was taking it very easily.  Once again, I don't know if this was placebo, but the tabs definitely seemed to perk me up!  They continued to help me stay focused in my Group Power class, and I didn't feel worn out or tired at all.

Test #2 : 6 AM Spin Class

My second test was seeing how the tabs worked before a morning workout.  For this class, I'm usually dragging to get out of bed, and yawning the entire class.  I never feel fully awake (it also doesn't help that the lights are always dimmed!).

I took a tab right before I left for class (around 5:45) and felt completely awake by the time I got to the gym about 10 minutes later.  The entire hour-long class I felt focused, alert, awake, and rode 20 miles!  I usually only get to 15 or 16 miles, so this was a huge improvement for me.

Test #3 : Evening Baseball Game

Finally, my last test didn't involve working out or exercising at all.  I had a tiring day : 5 mile run, walking dogs at the Humane Society, more demolition work at my parents', and playing with Selma.  By the time it was 6:00 and I headed out for a Pirates game, I was beat!

I took a tab before leaving for the game, and couldn't believe how energized I was for the entire game.  The game ended around 10:00, and I was still wide awake!  Even after a few beers, I didn't feel lethargic or tired at all.

Overall Thoughts

As you can tell, all three of my tests had great results.  Not only did my performance improve with the tabs, but my energy stayed up and I never felt a "crash" like you get with other products.  I love how the tabs are all natural, cheaper than coffee, and easy to take around.  The only downside is the taste, but that was something that I got used to by the third tab.  The sour after taste may turn people away, but for me it's  not a big deal!

I found Voke Tabs on Amazon, and they're also available on Voke's website. There are lots of options available with lots of savings possible!  I know I'll be purchasing more tins, and I hope you'll try them out as well!

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What do you use for a jolt of caffeine?
Any other coffee junkies out there?!


  1. Awesome, I definitely need to try these. I'm always tired and in a fog. Thanks for this review!

    1. I'm glad you liked it! They're a lot better than I expected :)

  2. Wow, I've never heard of these but they sound like a nice option! Sometimes I need coffee but don't have time to enjoy a full cup OR I know I'm going somewhere with limited bathroom access and don't want to drink 18 oz of coffee just prior! LOL!! I will have to keep these in mind - thanks for the review!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

    1. That's how I feel too!! And they make my breath smell and stain my's just a big hassle. These are SO much easier and work better (in my opinion) :)

  3. Wait these are amazing! I'm not a big coffee drinker and have recently re-stopped drinking soda... so I am in desperate need for caffeine some mornings at work! I will absolutely have to try these out - love the review! Hope you have a great day!!

    1. Ahh I hope you try them out and love them!! Hope you have a great day too !

  4. So intrigued by these! I have a 1 year old who had yet to sleep through the night so I could DEFINITELY use the help!

    1. They would be perfect for you! I hope you try them out and love them :) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Wow! I will take whatever help with running performance that I can get, do I think I'm going to try these! I'd be curious how they work on the long distance run too.


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