Workout Recap : 12/14 - 12/20

Hello and happy Sunday to you all!  I'm here today to recap my week of workouts.  This was a pretty easy week, with low mileage and one tough track run.  I'm trying to ease my way into more mileage to prepare for my marathon training in January!  I also had three cross training sessions and one full rest day, so I would say this was a very successful week!


I love going to Zumba!  This was such a fun 1-hour-long class, and it was definitely challenging.  The instructor always tells us to make it our own and have fun, so that's what I do.  I can't always do the same steps as her, but I always have a blast and get a great workout!


3 miles / 28:05 / 9:21 pace
I hit up the trails after work, and finally finished the first episode of Serial (season 2)! 

Yoga for Recovery (link)
This was my first time doing this video, and I really liked it!  It wasn't very challenging, but had some great stretches for runners.  The video is specifically for runners training for a half marathon, so it was perfect!


5 miles / 40:16 / 8:02 pace
I joined the True Runner Winter Warriors for a track workout.  It was a waterfall run- the intervals were 1600 m, 1200 m, 800 m, 400 m, and two laps of strides.  I did a mile warm up and cool down as well.  Splits : 9:00, 6:38, 6:38, 9:00, 9:00 (for the fourth mile, I kept my watch running during my breaks in the strides which is why that lap is slower). 


Rest Day


3.5 miles / 32:26 / 9:15 pace
This was my first cold, snowy run of the season!  I was freezing the entire time, but it felt so refreshing.  The snow didn't lay on the ground at all, but it was still nice to see.  I ran on my old cross country route (and saw some deer friend!), and my legs felt really good after the rest day!


Thanks to Jennifer for sharing this workout!  I want to get back into strength training, so I started easy with a quick body weight workout in the morning.  

3 miles easy
I went on an easy run after seeing Star Wars in theaters!  It was still a bit chilly, but it was a nice and easy run.


5 miles / 46:11 / 9:14 pace
Today was a very blah run.  I made the mistake of putting egg nog in my coffee before going running, so I felt pretty gross the entire time I was running.  I made my way down to Shadyside to check out the decorations on this beautiful mansion on Fifth Avenue that I kept hearing about.  How cool are the Christmas decorations?!  I should have crossed the street to get a better pic, sorry!

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  1. I forgot to mention we got our first snow! I was prepared to be very excited...until I realized it was a very slight dusting. The track workout sounds tough! I love the decorations on that house on Fifth. All the holiday decorations have really gotten me in the spirit. Have a great week!

    1. The snow definitely was disappointing. Oh well, I'm sure we'll make up for it in February!

  2. I totally need to download the next season of serial. I loved the first one!

    1. It's pretty good so far! Download it now before it gets too late in the season!

  3. I've put eggnog in my coffee. It doesn't taste as good as it sounds. LOL. That house is wrapped like a present! Blowups sure are popular. I see a lot of those when riding. You had a very successful week prepping for your next training cycle. This week will present a little bit of a challenge for me. I appreciate you linking with us Gretchen and Merry Christmas.

    1. I liked the taste of it, because eggnog lattes are my favorite (after gingerbread !) Hope you have a great week and training goes well :)

  4. I listened to Serial some earlier in the year I do need to pick it back up especially since Season 2 is out. Wait is it still the same story? Did season 1 not end with finding out who the killer is? How cool is that house with the big bow! After my 20 miler my hips were so tight, I'm going to save the link to recovery yoga now. I hope it will help me and these dang hips! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

  5. that house looks like a present!!! how cute is that! guess you just need to go on another run and be that creepy person taking pictures of their house lol. Oh eggnog before a run, ugh that sounds rough. me and milk dont get along anyway so i can only imagine how you felt with that in your stomach on a run.


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