Blue Skies Ahead

I have to say- October is starting off really strong. I mentioned in my goals post that I've been in kind of a funk lately, and I feel like I'm finally (starting to) snap out of it. Funny how getting out and having some fresh air can really improve your mood! Something for me to remember in the future :)

Here's a look at how my week went-


20 min 70s Pop Fun Run with Matty

I very much regret sleeping in and saying "I'll just run during lunch!" It got very hot and humid at lunch, and this run was not enjoyable at all! But, the playlist was fun and Matty always cheers me up, so I finished it.


20 min Intro Endurance Ride with Christine

This was a super throw back class all the way from 2016, but I got to cross off a Heart Rate Zone class! I really liked this even though I didn't have a heart rate monitor hooked up. It might be fun to take more of these endurance-style rides!

20 min Barre

This week there's a challenge to take 6 barre classes, which just came out last week. I took 3- the warmup with Ally, 10 minute class with Ally, and the cool down with Hannah. It was kind of disappointing that the first five minutes of the class were the exact same as the warmup, and this class was really similar to the other barre class I took. Hoping for some variety when I try more of them!


30 min J Balvin Boot Camp with Adrian

Give me some reggaeton and my favorite instructor and you have a very happy woman. I LOVED this workout so much- the music was amazing and Adrian programs so well. The strength portions were lots of fun and I got to run outside for the tread parts. Loved this so much and wish it could have been longer!


30 min Restorative Yoga with Aditi

My glutes and hamstrings were super sore after yesterday's workout (so many squats!!) so this was VERY much needed. I felt like a new person afterwards!


3 mile hike

I decided to take the day off work and have a fun outdoors day! We started with a hike at the park with Selma, then headed to Soergals to pick some apples, and ended with a late lunch at Narcisi Winery (complete with wine flights). It was such an amazing day and gave me the exact refresh I needed.


4 mile run/walk

Selma and I headed to Schenley park first thing in the morning for a little walk and run on the trails. I used to live really close to Schenley so it always brings back so many memories when I go back there. The main trail was closed off so it was fun to find other ways to go, and we enjoyed the beautiful day.

10 min Glutes and Legs Strength with Adrian

First Spooky Booty challenge workout done! This was a fun one- just three simple moves but completed continuously. My legs were seriously burning by the time we finished!


20 min Premiere Run with Jess King

Took Selma for a morning walk around the neighborhood and listened to Jess King's first tread class! She's such a fun instructor and I'm really excited that she'll be teaching running classes now. 

13 mile bike ride

Dan and I met up with our friend Alexa for a fun adventure around town! We started at Millvale Riverfront Park, and biked down to Southern Tier Brewing, around the point, to La Prima Espresso, and finally to Pittsburgh Winery. So much fun and the weather was insanely perfect. I felt like a tourist in my own city and discovered the new bike lanes that were added downtown, making it much easier to safely get around.


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