Loving Fall

Hi everyone! It is definitely peak leaf week in this area- it's super gorgeous everywhere and hopefully my pictures below capture some of that beauty. If there are fall leaves in your area- make sure you get out to enjoy it before they're all gone! I love how this time of year makes you take advantage of the weather or else you miss it- makes me want to do more!

Here's a look at my week, along with a quick day trip!


10 min Restorative Yoga with Chelsea
Oh man...I woke up with the WORST pain imaginable in the middle of the night, which lasted all day. I don't know if it's left over from strength last week or my bike ride on Sunday, but my quads and knees were killing me! I took it easy all day and took Tylenol while I iced my legs. This class also felt great, but full disclosure I took it in my bed!


10 min Glutes and Legs Strength with Jess Sims
10 min Bodyweight Strength with Andy
I felt SO much better when I woke up, so I took my next two classes for Spooky Booty sandwiched between my ride. I opted to take both of these without weights so I wouldn't kill my legs again, but they were still great workouts. One more to go for week one!

30 min XOXO, Cody Ride
My favorite ride of the week- this used to happen Thursday at lunch but keeps moving now. I was happy to take this in the evening and just kept my pace slow with not much resistance to shake out any leftover soreness. The class was on the explicit side but super fun as always.


4 mile run
It was my friend Jess's birthday, so of course my friends and I got together for a run at 7AM. Normal, right? After we finished we popped some bubbly for a toast and had some amazing brownies. The weather was perfect and the trees were all changing around the lake to make a gorgeous setting. Fall is HERE!


60 min Climb Ride with Christine

Ride one of Haleakala is done! This was a really fun (and hard) ride..I don't know how anyone does all five rides back to back in one day. It was interesting to hear Christine talk about the actual bike ride up Haleakala and also recount some of her championship bike rides. She's really interesting and a great instructor! Looking forward to the other four rides.



Dan and I headed up north for a quick day trip and stopped at Kinzua Bridge! It was my first time going there and it was truly magnificent, especially with all the fall colors. If you haven't heard of this structure- at one time it was the tallest bridge in the world and called the "Eighth Wonder of the World". In 2002, it was closed after being deemed unsafe and was about to be restored the following year when a tornado passed by and destroyed over half of the bridge. The wreckage is still there, along with a visitor's center, trails, and viewing platform. We hiked all around and also had lunch there before going to visit some of Dan's family and heading back home after a long day.


2 hour Kayak

Dan and I took a trip up to Moraine for what might be our last kayak of the season! It was so beautiful out and was nice and chilly out, so we enjoyed the water a lot.

10 min Glutes and Legs Strength with Olivia
Week two of Spooky Booty! This was a really good workout- Olivia is a nice straight-forward instructor with not a lot of chitchat which is nice. Go in a great workout!


60 min Bootcamp with Jess

Took my first LONG boot camp class and it was a doozy! This was broken into six mini workouts that were each 10 minutes and went between running and strength. For the runs, I ran outside (doing one with Selma!) then came back inside for strength. This was really tough and I almost stopped halfway but kept going and ended up with a little over three miles and some sore muscles.


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