October Goals and Highlights

Happy October everyone! You know the song- Wake me up, when September ends? That's how I felt all month and I'm glad the month is finally over. I hit a major slump- probably a combination of missing out on a trip I was supposed to be on, and the fact that Dan was away on a business trip (not to mention all the other awful stuff happening lately, capped off with that depressing Presidential Debate).

I don't really have any highlights to share but want to use this space to encourage everyone to VOTE. This is SUCH an important election, and I just want to encourage everyone to think about their neighbors and others with less privilege and opportunity when casting your vote. I just got my mail-in ballot delivered, so I'm spending the weekend educating myself on all of the parties running to make sure I'm choosing who I think is best. 

Now let's see how my goals went last month!

Hike 4 new Trails

I did some hiking this month, but mostly stuck to tried-and-true routes. Like I mentioned I wasn't really in the mood to even get out much, so anytime I tried to plan an excursion or get out of the city I couldn't convince myself to go. Maybe in October my motivation will come back!

Oktoberfest @ Home

We did have a mini celebration- one night we had friends come over for a pumpkin beer tasting, and then Dan and I had a full on feast with vegan sausage, sauerkraut, potato pancakes, beer cheese, and pretzels. We listened to German music and drank beer on our deck! For the final day I made kaesespaetzle for the first time which turned out pretty good but not great. I still wish we were in Germany right now, but we tried to make the most of it!

One Class in Every Category

Checked this off and had a lot of fun with it! I also took a class in every cycle category like I wanted- including the new Bike Boot camp. It was fun trying out new class types and getting out of my normal rhythm. I especially liked the cardio class and taking a regular boot camp outside!

Let's talk about my October goals now...

Spooky Booty Challenge

Silly name, but I'm excited to join a challenge I saw online to get in more strength classes this month! As the name implies, the challenge is focused on the booty and the goal is to take 4 classes each week in October. Week one is all 10 minute classes, and we make our way up to 15 and 20 minute classes.

Go Clean Co Deep Cleaning

I have become obsessed with cleaning videos on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok- including Go Clean Co. The woman who runs the account gives so many cool hacks and inspiration for really deep cleaning your house. I decided to buy her e-book with checklists for cleaning each room, along with her famous water-powdered Tide-bleach recipe to clean and disinfect EVERYTHING. 

Complete all Great British Bake Off bakes

Earlier this week I shared a new challenge I made for myself- trying out all of the technical bakes from this season's Great British Bake Off. The recipe for the second week just got posted so I'll be trying this weekend, and I'm excited to keep challenging myself! You can follow along on Instagram or read my posts each week here.

Haleakala Ride

In addition to my Booty challenge, I also decided to take on the infamous Haleakala ride with Christine. There are 5 60-minute climb classes that are supposed to simulate actually riding up the volcano in Hawaii. Instead of doing it all in one day (which is what you're supposed to do), I'll be spreading them out throughout the month. In 2021 I HOPEFULLY have a really amazing trip planned that includes a long bike ride with lots of climbs, so I need to start getting in shape for that and thought this would be a fun way to do it!

What are your goals this month?
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