Work Hard, Play Hard

Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe it's the last week of October?! Did this week even happen? Not really sure. This was a pretty low-key weekend but I got in some quality workouts. I feel like I go through swings of not feeling like doing anything and then wanting to work hard, and I'm starting to get back in the groove of wanting to push. Hopefully it'll last!  Here's a look at my week-


Lower Body Bike Bootcamp with Robin

I was excited to see this class as an option for Week 3 of the Spooky Booty challenge, but immediately regretted it! This class was SO hard- the spin sections were really tough and all intervals, then the strength was mostly all weighted squats. This was definitely a lower body workout!


20 min Celia Cruz Run with Jess

Took a very nice and easy run at lunchtime during a break in rain. I really liked the music in this class but for some reason it kept freezing in the app, so I want to take it again when I can listen through with no interruptions. It's been really nice that Peloton has so many different styles of music and artists that they feature- Celia Cruz is one of those singers that I've heard so much about and have listened to a few of her songs, but it was great to have everything in one spot.


3.33 mile run

My friends convinced me to wake up way too early to go for a run before work. I wanted to do a shorter run than them, so I ended up doing about half alone and got to enjoy the most gorgeous sunrise once I was finished. My legs were still super sore from boot camp and all the squats, so when I got home I did a hamstring foam rolling stretch. Felt awful, but in a good way.


30 min Britney Spears Power Walk with Matty

It was a perfect day out, so I took Selma to the park after work for a little hike. I listened to this walk - mostly for the amazing songs but also for Matty's hilarious commentary. It was a great walk!

Bonus happy picture of Selma for you!


10 mile bike

I took a half day so that Dan and I could head out to a trail for a nice bike ride! We decided on the Butler-Freeport Trail, and parked at the end of Freeport. There were lots of leaves down but it was really beautiful out and not too crowded. We took it pretty easy but it is kind of tough driving through leaves and gravel!

10 min Restorative Yoga with Denis

Winded down the day with a little guided savasana..felt really nice and relaxing.


2 mile run

It was a little drizzly and chilly in the morning, which actually felt amazing when I ran. Two of my neighbors usually walk around the same time that I head out and they said "Thought we'd be the only people braving this weather!" Not today :). Also- random picture I took above but I thought that plant was so gorgeous with the changing colors.

20 min Lower Body with Jess Sims

Squeezed this in while I was waiting for my eclairs to bake (Great British Baking post coming soon!) and just finished week 3 of Spooky Booty. This was a great one- I always love Jess's strength workouts. Dan thought it was hilarious that I was working while I was baking instead of relaxing, but that's just how I roll.

30 min Celine Dion Ride with Leanne

Used this as a nice cool down later in the day and it was so fun! Celine is one of my favorite singers and Leanne played a song or two that I've never heard of before. Leanne's energy on the bike is always great..she just radiates positivity so I really liked this one.


60 min Climb Ride with Christine

I've been slacking on my Haleakala rides this month, so I got at least a second one in. This one was amazing- I felt like I was really in the zone and pushing myself. I liked the playlist a lot too- there were some heavy metal go-all-out songs, followed by some intense songs that we closed our eyes and pushed through. Looking forward to the other 3 rides..whenever I get to them...

Warm Up and Cooldown with Alex

I always feel like I ride much better when I do a warm up and cooldown, so I added these on with Alex to get me in the hyped mood. It worked!


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