Can You Keep Up?

Good morning everyone!! Last week was pretty exciting- there was a HUGE announcement by Peloton (see below- it really shaped my workouts for the week!). We were also blessed with some gorgeous weather again, so I took some opportunities to get outside with Selma. Overall a great week, but this morning I woke up SO SORE! Read on to find out why-


2 mile Hike

Selma and I took a nice walk at lunchtime to Falls Run Park, which is one of my favorites. There's a creek that runs along the entire 1 mile trail as well as a waterfall! Selma had a lot of fun splashing in the water and this was a great mid-day break.

15 min Arms and Shoulder Strength with Adrian

This was my longest arm workout in a while (maybe ever?) and it was so tough! There were two different groups of workouts and we ran through 3 sets of each, so the time went by really quickly. I can feel my shoulders getting so strong with these workouts!

30 min Two For One Ride with Tunde and Alex

For about a week, the Peloton Instagram account as well as Tunde and Alex have been teasing this workout as the "biggest collaboration ever". There were so many wild guesses out there (including that Tunde was announcing she was pregnant with Alex's baby!?) but it ended up being a BEYONCE RIDE!!! This was SUCH an amazing workout- I was planning on just taking it easy but as soon as the music started I was in the zone and ended up with a PR for distance! Sooo much fun and I'm excited to see Beyonce popping up in classes from now on. I also loved having Alex and Tunde in the same class- they work together so well and made this a really fun but tough class.


20 min 90s Fun Run with Robin

I actually woke up early enough to do this run before work! It was beautiful and peaceful out- I need to start doing this more frequently again. It always feel great to have your workout done before starting your day. Plus- this playlist was 💥💥💥💥💥.


30 min Bike Bootcamp Core with Jess

First boot camp class of the week and it was really tough. I don't know why I always think these will be easy classes, because they're not. For the first cycling segment, we had to do six sprint intervals, then 15 minutes of core work which was REALLY tough! Followed by a second cycling segment that was all climbing intervals. I was exhausted after this!

10 min Arms and Shoulders Strength with Alex

Luckily my arms still felt fine, so this workout helped round out what my legs and core just did. This was a pretty basic class with simple moves and only two sets. Nice and easy.

30 min Beyonce Yoga Flow with Chelsea

Never thought that Beyonce would be good music for yoga, but this was really fun. Lots of dancing, lots of power moves and "adjusting our crowns", and LOTS of fun. Luckily nothing too strenuous- this class was at night so it was actually a great way to wind down.


3 mile Hike

Took Selma to the park at lunch for a little run/walk on the trails. We pretty much ran on the flat and downhill sections then walked up the hills! It was sad to see all of the leaves off of the trees, but I guess that's how it goes 😟


20 min Beyonce Run with Robin

I was SO excited to see an outdoor run added to this series and wish it was longer! I loved the playlist and was running so hard and didn't even notice. Way too short but amazing workout.

10 min Arms and Shoulders Strength with Matty

Third Turkey Triceps of the week! I like workouts with Matty a lot..they're always pretty simple and he puts me in a good mood. This was a nice one!


2 mile walk

Selma and I took a little trip to Riverview to do a loop around the park. This is actually where I started running back when I was 8 or 9, so it's always fun and makes me reminisce when I go back there.

30 min Beyonce Ride with Ally

Yes- another ride! I liked the Tunde/Alex one much more, but this was OK as well. Ally did rock the Beyonce hair and outfit though!

10 min Arms and Shoulders Strength with Adrian

Good end to week 2 of Turkey Triceps challenge! This one is actually going surprisingly better than the legs challenge last month- I guess it's easier to do a run or spin workout and then arms instead of lifting on tired legs. This workout was pretty fun- 5 moves that we did for 20 seconds each and took a 10 second rest between each set. Went by super fast!


60 min Beyonce Bootcamp with Jess

Oh my goodness..this was one of the hardest classes I've ever taken. For background- Jess does a "Saturday Sixty" every week- a 60 minute boot camp. The workout is divided into 6 "mini workouts" that are 10 minutes each- 3 running and 3 strength. For the runs, I went outside and made a little mile loop, then came back inside for the strength portion. I really liked how this was set up- Jess played studio albums from Beyonce and Destiny's Child for the run portions, then for strength played songs from Beyonce's Coachella performance (side note- if you haven't watched the documentary about this on Netflix called's incredible and inspired me like crazy during this workout). This was definitely a full body workout and I pushed myself so hard! 


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