Stress Relief

Good morning everyone! I hope that you had a relaxing and fun weekend. The weather here was gorgeous (with a few more days of sun before it starts to get cold again). I had a good week of workouts, which was a great stress relief while I was waiting around for election results. Here's how the week went-


40 min FTP Ride

There's a new badge challenge on Peloton to complete eight Power Zone rides, so I cheated a little to take four of the shorter rides in one day to cut off a big chunk. Since I don't have a Peloton Bike I can't really make my personal "power zones" anyway, so I just did these rides for fun.

10 min Arms and Shoulders Strength with Robin

After two rides, I sandwiched in some strength. Day two of Turkey Triceps challenge and going strong! The only downside I see after doing Spooky Booty and this is that a lot of the same moves are in every class when you focus on one part of the body. Makes it a little boring, but hopefully will make those muscles grow. After I finished this class I did the other two rides to make a nice 50 minute workout.


30 min Caribbean Run with Jess

We're having a little bit of a heatwave, so I got outside for a run. I loved this playlist so much- it reminded me of being in Hawaii and driving along the coast listening to Da'Paina Radio with the windows down and warm air streaming in. 

5 min Standing Yoga with Kristin

I took this quick yoga class to stretch it out after the run and it felt great! This is part of the Yoga Anywhere series, and I really like all of the classes.


30 min Bike Bootcamp: Core with Cody

I feel so conflicted about this class- I absolutely LOVED the bike portion of class, and HATED the strength part. The moves weren't great, and time just seemed to tick by so slowly! At least the music was on point...

10 min Arms and Shoulders with Jess

I loved this class! Even though the moves were pretty similar to the other classes, I like how Jess started each move regularly, then had us going one arm at a time to burn it out. It was great and really went by quickly even though my arms were dying!

10 min FTP Warm Up Ride

Snuck in another Power Zone ride to cool down after my workout.


30 min Halloween Yoga with Aditi

This was such a fun class! Aditi was dressed as a Storm Trooper and had some spooky music playing. The class was pretty basic but had a lot of twists which felt good. My legs felt much stronger than usual- probably due to all the strength last month!


5+ mile Hike

I realized that I still had a lot of vacation days left and am running out of days to use them (since we can't carry over at my work), so I took the day off to enjoy the beautiful weather. Selma and I headed over to Settler's Ridge Park- one of the Allegheny County Parks. I've never been there, but really enjoyed it! We did the waterfall hike with a little extra added on and it was great and hilly. After that, we headed to the nearby Pittsburgh Botanical Garden (dogs are allowed on leash). Most of the plants were dead, but the pathways were still nice and it was fun to explore. I want to go back in the spring!


30 min Hip Hop Boot Camp with Adrian

I really, really liked this class! The structure was really great and I always felt like the segments were way faster than they actually were. I did the running portions outside and was flying! I followed the class up with a nice post-run stretch.


45 min Rock Run with Rebecca

This class was great and the weather was perfect so I really enjoyed this run! It was probably one of my longest runs in a few months, and I kept getting faster as I went. Might be ready to start running more frequently now...

10 min Arms and Shoulders Strength with Rebecca

Finished off the first week of Turkey Triceps with this killer workout. It was really tough and  I know I'll feel it in the morning.

20 min Power Zone Beginner Ride with Christine

Capped off the week with this ride taken really easily to finish my badge for Power Zone classes! Another challenge- COMPLETE.


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