November Goals and Highlights

Hi everyone and happy Election Day! If you haven't already, I hope you all get out to vote today. This election is SO important as you all know by now, so it's really vital that we all have our voices heard and hopefully make changes for the better for the next four years.

With that said- October is somehow over, and all that's left of 2020 is November and December. CRAZY. This was actually a really good month overall, and I kept really busy! My goal was to enjoy the fall leaves as much as possible, which is definitely what I did.  I went on lots of hikes, day trips, bike rides, and kayaked. It was fantastic!

It's hard to pick one highlight of the month, so I'm going to share two (making up for no highlights last month). I took off three Fridays this month and it was a great way to explore without worrying about crowds. Dan and I made a day trip up to Bradford to get some paperwork and visit his family, and along the way we saw Kinzua Bridge. 

The following weekend, I met up with two friends to hike at McConnell's Mill and stop at some breweries. Really fun day and the weather was PERFECT. Wish it could be like that year round!

Now let's get to my goals from October-

Spooky Booty Challenge

I made it just under the wire for this challenge! It was definitely tough to do so many lower body classes, but my legs and glutes feel stronger than ever. It was fun to do a new challenge with strength (which is something I tend to neglect) so I want to keep it going.

Go Clean Co Deep Cleaning

This was a HUGE part of my month! I actually decided to buy a new vacuum since mine is over 10 years old now, and went room by room to deep clean basically every inch of my house. It was so satisfying to see everything so squeaky clean. The best part for me was cleaning out the window tracks and seeing them go from disgusting with dust (and who knows what else) to shiny white. Something I never thought of cleaning and looks so good now!

Complete all Great British Bake Off bakes

This has been such a fun challenge. I've made a lot of brand new things (like eclairs and babka!) and twists on things I've made before (rainbow bagels!). The bakes are getting more challenging each week, which is more fun for me. Can't wait to keep challenging myself. You can follow along on Instagram or read my posts each week here.

Haleakala Rides

Welp, I did not hit this goal of doing all of the Haleakala Climb rides with Christine. Turns out- if you have a lower body strength challenge, it's hard to add on a climb challenge as well! Add in a Peloton Flash Challenge of doing six "theme" rides, and something had to give. I ended up only doing two of the rides, but they were so great that I want to finish them out in November. Lesson learned- stick to ONE fitness challenge a month!

Let's get to my November goals!

Two Boot Camp Classes / Week

This month's fitness challenge will be a focus on strength..but making it more fun by taking Boot Camp classes! These are really great and split your time between cardio (tread or bike) and strength. Since I can take the run portions outdoors and I have a bike, I'm going to try to take one of each class every week.

Turkey Triceps Challenge

I know that I said I wouldn't double up on workout goals, but Reddit is hosting another challenge this month and I wanted to join! This one seems much more doable than last month, because the workouts are much shorter this time around. I also remembered to start right at the start of the month, so I won't have to rush to make it every week!

Develop a Night Routine

I've always had a hard time going to sleep, and it seems like with the stress of everything going on lately I've been having a harder time than normal shutting my brain off. I know there are some methods people use to sleep better, so I'm going to try a few and work on developing a night routine. Hopefully I can share what works for me in an upcoming post!

Read Five Books

My reading has taken a tumble lately, so I want to get back on track by reading five books in November. It's cold out anyway, so what better thing do I have to do than cozying up with a book and mug of tea? If you have any good reads I should add to my list I'd love to hear them :)

What are your goals for November?
Have you read anything good lately?


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