Gloomy Days

Happy November everyone! Hard to believe that Halloween was this weekend, but we're officially into chilly season. I always hate when the weather turns cold and the sun goes away, but this year I'm going to do my best to stay positive and motivated. Because seriously- what better thing do I have to do than stay active right now?! 

Here's a look at how my week went!


30 min Movie Buff Ride with Kendall

A lot of the instructors at Peloton have their own special series (Jess King Live, Club Bangers with Alex, XOXO Cody, Sundays with Love, etc.) and Kendall just started her own today! This monthly series will celebrate all things TV/Cinema exploring a different genre each month. This one was all about horror, which is not my favorite (I'm a big scaredy cat and even this class freaked me out), but I loved the production. The movie score in the background was fantastic, and Kendall told a story that incorporated the work we were doing. It was excellent!


20 min Glutes and Legs with Jess

Ooof this was a hard workout. I just got a new set of heavier weights, and it made a huge difference in the difficulty. But- one more class down in my challenge!


20 min Country Pop Run with Selena

I was really excited when I saw this class pop up, but for some reason couldn't really get into it. I love country music (especially more pop) but it seemed like all of the songs were really slow and laid back, so it wasn't my favorite. 


20 min Lower Body Strength with Robin

Second workout for week four of Spooky Booty! This one was a lot of deadlifts and squats, which are two of my favorite moves. I liked the class a lot and wish I had heavier dumb bells to use! I also realized during the workout that I really like Robin as a strength coach and for outdoor runs, but not as much for spin classes. Funny how different instructors work for me in different settings, so if you think you don't jive with a particular person maybe try them in a different class!

30 min Power Zone Ride with Christine

A friend mentioned this class because it had the Star Wars theme in it, so I decided to take it as a cool down ride. It was amazing and included a song from Escala, one of my favorite violin quartets! Took this really easy but it was a fun class.


30 min Halloween Run with Matty

I took this class at lunchtime at the park, and I wish I wasn't in public because this run made me crack up the entire time! Matty was "sick" and had to have a substitute fill in for him, the very boisterous Mara Thonner. She was hilarious and had me rolling the entire run. This was such a great class that got me in the Halloween spirit!


20 min Power Walk with Matty

The sun came back (for one day) so Selma and I hit up the park for a 3 mile run/walk. For the first half I listened to this class, which had a huge mix of music including Cher and Britney Spears. The rest of the workout was a podcast.

30 min Glutes and Legs Strength with Jess

Finished out the Spooky Booty Challenge with my longest class! This was SO hard. By the end my legs were on fire and I could barely walk up the steps once I finished. Really tough but fun challenge-I'll talk about it more in my November Goals post this week.


30 min Shakira Ride with Hannah

I woke up with really sore and tired legs, so I took this ride as a nice shake out. I love Shakira and can't believe it took me this long to take the class, but it was really fun! So many great songs and it was a fun and easy class.

10 min Upper Body Strength with Ben

A new challenge from Reddit started for November- Turkey Triceps Challenge! I definitely lack in upper body strength so I know this will be a really hard one for me. Today's class wasn't too hard, so it gives me hope!


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