Feeling Festive

Happy Monday to you all and I hope you had a great weekend. It was thankfully a long one for me (see what I did there?)- I usually work on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but since I still had some vacation days to use up I decided to take it off. It was great to just relax and de-stress a bit after what's been a crazy and stressful week/month/year. I hope that you're all finding ways to chill out, whether it be binging holiday movies or going for a hike with your dog (or both..like me). Here's what I did this week for workouts-


20 min Go Canada! Yoga Flow with Kristin

This was a class that I had bookmarked for a while (probably since it happened live in honor of Canada Day). It featured all Canadian musicians, which included  an eclectic mix from Drake to Rufus Wainwright. I would say this is a very typical yoga 101 class, so if you're just getting started this would be a great class to take! It covers all the basic moves but is very accessible.

20 min Lil Wayne HIIT Cardio with Rebecca

I wanted to get in some cardio but am still trying to avoid being outside as much as possible, so I took this class. To be honest, I wasn't really feeling it and took it much easier than I was supposed to, but it's important to listen to your body when it tells you to slow down!


30 min Jess King Experience

I had such a long day of work and needed a nice stress relief at the end of the day and this was PERFECT. Jess is always so much fun, but she really lets it all out during these classes. This is kind of a combination DJ club / dance club / tough workout in one, so you end up pushing so hard without even realizing how quickly time's going because you're having a ton of fun. Such an amazing class and the music was really fun!

10 min Arms and Shoulders Strength with Chase

Followed up class with an arms workout to kick off the final week of Turkey Triceps! This was definitely a workout where I saw a huge difference in my strength and I'm really proud of how far I've come this month. I finished off my little workout with a post-ride stretch.


10 min Arms and Shoulders with Adrian

Quick burnout with Adrian while I was waiting for my ride to start. This was a tough workout with different types of exercises than I've done in other classes. Really good though and felt the burn!

30 min Work it Out with Leanne

This is Leanne's new series, which is supposed to be "part fitness, part chat amongst friends". The topic this week was Dance Floors and Dressing Rooms, and Leanne talked about some of her funny stories from being a professional dancer. It was a fun ride and I took it easy, just enjoying listening to her. I wasn't really feeling the music until she played The Show Must Go On by Queen which is one of my FAVORITE songs ever, and ended with The Greatest Show from Greatest Showman. 


45 min Turkey Burn Ride with Alex

Such a fun and great class to start off the day! So many good songs and Alex reminded us to count our blessings and give thanks, and also had a moment of silence for everyone who lost their lives this year. This class was fun but also emotional at times, and I love how he ended the ride- the more you're thankful for the world, the more beauty you see in the world. (PS- this was ride #100 for me!! So happy I decided to get this bike, definitely has kept me sane during this entire time and especially this month).

30 min Flow and Let Go with Aditi

After resting up a bit and watching the Thanksgiving Day parade, I joined this yoga class live! I like the format of these classes- half of the time is an active flow class and the other half is restorative. Usually the thirty minute classes seem too rushed and I prefer the longer classes, but this one was perfect. Everything seemed just long enough, and the flow part felt great to help me stretch out. So good!!


45 min Bring the Heat Bike Bootcamp with Cody

Definitely woke up feeling a little sluggish- Dan and I shared a feast of Vegan Stuffed Roast, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn casserole, garlic rolls, and a bottle of wine, followed by some chocolate for dessert- so this was a rough workout! Cody had me laughing the entire time though and was struggling along side me. This was my longest bike boot camp and I actually liked it more than the 30 minute, which can feel a little too intense and like you're sprinting back and forth the whole time! 


75 min Bring the Heat Power Yoga with Kristin

I was a little nervous heading into this class- it was the longest yoga class I've ever taken (either with Peloton or in an actual studio), and also my first Power Yoga class. It ended up being SO tough, but I just modified as I needed (like doing Child's Pose instead of a head stand...). It was a great workout though!

30 min Upper Body Strength with Adrian

Last workout of Turkey Triceps- done! This was definitely a hard class but it was great to see how far I've come in my upper body strength. It was kind of crazy to me that this was a half hour, because it felt shorter than some of the ten minute classes I've taken- everything moved quickly but was all accessible. I really liked this!

20 min Classical Music Ride with Irene

I definitely needed to cool down after those classes, so I put this class on and took it super, super easy. I barely even did two miles in the twenty minutes!


30 min Holiday Bootcamp with Jess

Ahhh yes, finally got to take the boot camp that I've been waiting for! I absolutely LOVE Christmas music year round, so I was really excited to take this class (plus it seems like an appropriate time now). This was definitely not an easy breazy class- the runs may have only been about 18:00 total but we were pushing the whole time, and the strength was super tough. We ended with a song full of burpees and jumping jacks...tough!


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