Stay Home, Stay Safe

Good morning and Happy Monday to everyone! This last week was kind of stressful for me- lots of changes (and lots more work) going on at my job, and more/worse COVID news coming out ahead of the holidays. Dan and I were already planning on staying home and just having a dinner with the two of us (partly because he just got home from a work trip out of state, and mostly because it's the safe and responsible thing to do). It's been kind of frustrating and disheartening to see people go about their lives like nothing is going on, so I decided to disconnect this week and turn off my phone which has helped A LOT. If you're also feeling burnt out and finding yourself getting stressed about what other people are doing I would highly recommend this- I'll probably keep it off until Thanksgiving!

Here's a look at how my week was-


30 min Slow Flow with Aditi

Perfect yoga class to take first thing in the morning! This was basically a really good stretch and turned me from sore and achy (from yesterday's boot camp) to ready to take on the day. Really liked this and glad I woke up early to get it done before a stressful day of work- my company just announced it's acquiring another fairly large business, so things are going to be crazy for a while!

20 min Pop Ride with Emma

Still felt a little sore, so I took an easy ride in the evening. This was a Disney themed ride which is just what I needed.


20 min 80s Fun Run with Matt

Beautiful weather for a run, and I loved the playlist. Lots of fun and I was jamming out and pushing it on this run. Legs felt good again thankfully!

10 min Arms and Shoulders Strength with Selena

Got my arms out of the way as soon as I got back home. This was fun because even though the moves were similar to the other arm workouts I've been doing, we would do one arm at a time and then both together. Plus, there was a boxing section which was fun!


30 min Pop Bootcamp with Cody

I LOVED this boot camp with Cody! The music was fantastic (lots of Britney Spears), and the arms were really great. This counted as another Turkey Triceps workout (since the strength portion was all upper body), so I got to double up with my boot camp challenge and arms challenge.


45 min Metallica Ride with Kendall

I've never taken a metal ride before, but this was a really great and intense workout. I thought that I knew Metallica songs, but this took it to a whole other level for me! So many great songs, and I especially liked the live rendition of No Leaf Clover performed with the San Francisco Orchestra. Gorgeous!


10 min Arm and Shoulders Strength with Jess

Felt like having an easy day today, so I just did a quick arm workout. This was a really good class that seemed a lot shorter than it actually was, even though the ending with pushups and inchworms was a killer.

20 min Restorative Yoga with Colleen

I took this old class with an instructor that isn't with Peloton any more, and it was really good to relax. Some interesting moves and good stretches!


30 min Britney Spears Boot Camp with Rebecca

I think I finally finished all of the Britney Artist Series workouts! This one was great with two running sections and two strength sections. My second run I did with Selma, and it was great! In my area, there were new orders to wear masks anytime you're outside (or inside with someone other than people who live with you). Even though I always wore my mask when I was walking or biking, I didn't wear it for running. It wasn't too difficult, but definitely made it a little harder to breath. So- I won't be running as much for the next few weeks and will just stay around my house where there isn't as many people.


60 min Haleakala Climb with Christine

Finally took another Haleakala Ride this week, and it was amazing. This was the third ride in the set of five climbs, and was definitely the one I pushed the hardest. I decided to cover my screen with a towel and just went off of feel, and ended up going 18 miles, which is much further than my other two rides! I definitely felt strong and powerful when I did this one and can't wait to do the last two.

20 min Upper Body Strength with Adrian

Finished up week three of Turkey Triceps right after the ride, and luckily we got to sit or lie down for all of the exercises. Adrian really wanted us to isolate our arms and not use leg muscles at all for the exercises, and I was happy to comply! This was a tough workout but I really pushed myself during it and felt amazing after. I finished these two tough workouts with a nice full body stretch after I was done!

20 min Restorative Yoga with Kristin

I took this relaxing class right before I went to bed, and it felt so good. Lots of reclined twists and gentle stretches- amazing!


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