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Hi everyone!  Today I have lots of reviews to share from a recent trip to Lululemon.  I was in need of some winter running clothes and was excited to try on all their new items.  I found some amazing pieces, and was also disappointed by some others.  I'm going to share all of my thoughts, so I hope you enjoy!

Speed Tight V *Brushed

Size 6
Made for running, Medium Rise, Reflective Cuffs, Side and back pockets, Hugged sensation
Wearing the leggings with the Rush Hour LS (not online)

I've never owned a pair of Speed Tights before, but everyone raves about them.  I couldn't believe how comfortable these were!  These have plenty of compression to hold everything in, but aren't restrictive at all.  The length is great for me, and the fit is absolutely perfect!  I love how these look and there are always new colors coming out in this same cut.

I picked these in the "brushed" version because they're supposed to be warmer and thicker than the regular pair (in fact- last year I reviewed the regular kind and found them to be really thin).  I wore these on a run when it was 20 degrees out, and I didn't feel cold at all.  I also like the fact that these have a zipper pocket in the back, and two large side pockets that can fit my iPhone with no bouncing around.

Would I recommend?  Yes!  I want more in different colors (as long as they're the *brushed kind).  Huge fan!

Deep Breath Tight

Size 6
Made for yoga, High Rise, Waistband pocket, Hugged sensation

I was excited to try these on because I saw great reviews of these, and they have a really cool mesh detail on the side.  Unfortunately, these did not work for me at all.  The fit on them was kind of wonky (you can see how much the bunch around the knee no matter how much I tried to adjust it) and I don't like how high-waisted they are.  There was also some sort of scallop detail at the ankle that just seemed to irritate my skin!

Another thing that I didn't like is how thick these feel.  For yoga, I prefer wearing something more light-weight so that I don't get overheated.  These felt really thick and almost like a weight for running outside in the winter, but since they have mesh I wouldn't be able to wear them when it gets cold. 

Would I recommend? No.  I definitely don't think they're worth the price tag!

Run for Cold Pullover

in Black
Size 4
Made for running, Synthetic insulation, Water repellent, 360 degree reflectivity, Front and back pocket

This was definitely my favorite thing that I tried on.  It looks like a regular pullover (also comes in a jacket and vest version), but it's basically my dream running top.  The material is really lightweight, but it has a ton of insulation in the core that I think will be great for running in the cold, while the arms are lined with a cozy material but not insulated.  It also has a large hood (I hate when running tops have a tiny hood that always falls off), and is water repellent.  The fit of it is also really flattering and I love how it looks.  I decided to size down to a size 4 so that it was more form-fitting, and it felt perfect.

Most important to me- there are reflectors all over the jacket!  Pretty soon I'll be running in the dark whether I run before or after work, so being visible to cars is really important to me.  Right now, I don't have any winter jackets that are reflective.  Even though this was a huge splurge (I think it's the most expensive article of clothing that I own now-running or regular), I know I'll get a ton of wear out of it!  The only downside that I see are the thumbholes.  In the picture you can see that these are right by the edge of the sleeve, but I prefer the holes to be a big further down so that more of the sleeve covers your hand.  I would have loved if these had the "cuffins" (cuffs that fold over into mittens) but that probably would have driven up the price even more!

Would I recommend?  Yes!  It's pricey, but I think it's well worth the price.  I got this as motivation to train during the winter to prepare for a full marathon next year!

Define Jacket

Size 6
Made for to+from, Slim fit, Hip length, Cuffins and thumbholes

The define jacket has a very slim fit and the size 6 fit me perfectly!  The material was really stretchy and comfortable, and I loved the detailed stitch work on the front.  I also loved the fact that this jacket had cuffins (like I mentioned wanting above) and the thumbholes were in a more comfortable location on the sleeve.  I wish the pullover had this same sleeve! 

Since this jacket is described as made for "to + from," (meaning, going to the gym or running errands), it doesn't seem worth the price tag to me.  It's not great for layering since it's such a slim fit, and I prefer jackets with hoods.  It also wasn't cozy which is exactly what I'm looking for if I'm grabbing a jacket to head outside!

Would I recommend?  Maybe- if you're in the market for this specific type of jacket, but it doesn't seem worth it to me!

Scuba Hoodie IV

Size 6
Made for to+from, Relaxed fit, Thumbholes

I got a Scuba Hoodie III last year, and this is the exact thing that I would grab when I'm heading to the gym or to the store.  It's really cozy and soft, and I love the large Lulu logo on the front.  It's really flattering and is one of my favorite parts of the hoodie (apart from the huge and super comfortable hood)!

Scuba Hoodie IV vs III

I was really excited to try the new version that came out this year, but was really disappointed.  For one thing, my favorite part of the jacket (the large logo) got stretched out and looks more like a knock-off version than something that came from Lululemon.  I think it looks a lot more cheap, and also makes the pockets smaller (since they're cut at more of a diagonal).  I also noticed that the fabric seems a lot thinner and is missing the cozy lining on the front (it's harder to see on black cherry, but it's only lined with that soft material on the inside back of the jacket, while the III also has it on the inside front).  I loved how warm the older version kept me, and this one just didn't do the same.

Scuba Hoodie IV vs III - the front design doesn't look as good to me!
I'm disappointed in the new version of the Scuba hoodie, but luckily the older one is still available!

Would I recommend?  No! Buy the III instead and be very happy :)  I wear that hoodie almost every day!

Overall- I bought and would recommend the Speed Tights and Run for the Cold Pullover.  Happy Winter Running!
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  1. There is a puffy running jacket only available online that I am currently coveting. LIKE SO MUCH

  2. SO interesting about the IV versus the III! I love that you do these reviews. They're so helpful! I wish I had extra cash to spend. I'd buy that jacket in a heartbeat.

    1. I don't think it gets cold enough in Vancouver to justify Pittsburgh we're below freezing for a few months but anything above 30 would be too warm for it!

  3. I have yet to splurge on a lululemon item but it's amazing how soft and well made they are. Definitely worth the money you put in to it.

  4. Whaaat! I've never seen cuffins and now I want them on every piece of my clothing, haha!

  5. hmmm i am very intrigued by those first tights. i have never seen cuffins before on any jacket, now i want some! i hate wearing gloves because i end up taking them off/putting them back on a bunch, it would be so much easier to have a jacket with them built in. i just got a running vest a few months ago and have used it these past couple of weeks and love it! it's perfect for extra warmth without adding another hoodie or long sleeve. i've never tried anything lululemon though!


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