Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday everyone!  I feel so relaxed and rejuvinated after having one of the best weekends I've had in a long time.  I got to see good friends, meet some new people, and eat lots of great food.  Here are some highlights!

My weekend kicked off on Friday, thanks to a day off.  After going on a long walk with Selma, I headed to the mall with my mom.  I picked up some things from the Sephora sale, a necklace and sweater from Madewell, and a t-shirt from Gap. I also tried my first Holiday Spice Flat White (with coconut milk) and was not impressed.

On Friday night, I had a few friends over for our monthly vegan dinner.  This time, we all picked recipes from the same cookbook and ended up with a big Mexican feast!  We had a taco bar, 3 different types of salsa, and horchata.  So much delicious food!

Saturday morning I met up with some of my old co-workers for brunch.  We went to the Square Cafe, which has a HUGE vegan brunch menu.  They change their menu seasonally, and I want to go back to try more.  I ended up getting the jackfruit BBQ hash and coffee.  So good!

After brunch, we headed across the street for a drink (pink mimosa for me) and watched the Penn State game.  It was really close but we luckily pulled it out in the end and got the win!  This weekend was crazy in college football with 3 of the top 4 teams losing.  Hopefully this will help us in the rankings!

On Saturday night we headed over to Jennifer's house for her post-marathon celebration!  We ate and drank all of the foods that you can't really enjoy when you're training for a marathon and had a great time.  The best part of the night was sitting around her fire outside.  Perfect setting on a chilly night, and it was great to meet new friends.

Sunday was a relaxed day with some grocery shopping, food prepping, more running and walking with Selma, and yard work.  It was another beautiful day, and the best ending to a perfect weekend!


  1. I wish I had a fire pit. WHY IS FIRE SO MUCH FUN??

  2. A lovely weekend--isn't that the best, when everything falls into place? My team won--UGA! They've had a horrible season, so I was happy.

  3. Sounds like a perfect fall weekend! I had brunch yesterday too--perfect Sunday :D

  4. I have a friend who is borderline obsessed with Starbucks flat whites and when she explained exactly what it was I was so confused and left asking 'why?'. I have recently started putting coconut milk in my coffee and it's been a delightful discovery!

  5. You know what I realized? That we don't have many vegan resources up here/out here compared to you guys. If we go into Vancouver then yeah, for sure, but out in the suburbs, there just isn't anything. Kinda sucks. I'm glad you had such a great and rejuvenating weekend. You deserved it!

    1. It's definitely a newer thing that Pittsburgh has vegan resources. It's not common in my area so I have to go into the city as well. Luckily I can get tons of stuff at the store (and veggies/beans are available anywhere!)

  6. Ah! I was at Square Café years and years ago and don't remember a big selection of vegan food, so I think I need to go again! Sorry Django wasn't very friendly. He was being particularly cranky! He usually loves meeting new people but I think was too infatuated with all the food smells.

  7. Wait.. holiday spiced flat white - is that just a coffee with spices added in? That sounds odd! No wonder you weren't impressed!

    It looks like you had such a lovely fall weekend!


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