The Week in Workouts

Another great week of workouts!  This week I tried out a new workout class and had my first snowy run.  I also decided on a goal race for next year (more on that in another post), so overall I'm feeling excited and ready to dive back into training!


4 miles
#NeverMissAMonday.  It's definitely starting to get cold outside, and this was a chilly morning run!  It felt great once I got started, so I'm glad I ran outside.


PiYo / 60:00
I usually do yoga on Tuesdays, but my instructor was out of town.  I decided to try PiYo instead (which is a combination of pilates and yoga).  I took a similar class at my old gym and loved it, and this one was great as well!  I might switch things up and go to this class on Tuesdays instead.


3.5 miles
Another chilly morning run.  It's so calm in the morning before all of the craziness of the day starts!  For some reason, it seemed to get really bright out when I was out (I took the picture above at 6:45).  Crazy, but it was nice to not run in complete darkness!


Yoga / 45:00
My normal instructor still wasn't back, but we had a sub fill in. 


3 miles
I worked from home on Friday, so I got in a run during lunch after a quick dentist appointment!


Rest Day!


5 miles
First snowy run of the year!  It was so beautiful (and cold) out.  My hands were too cold to get a picture, whoops!  Bad blogger.

Total Miles: 15.5
Cross Training: 2 days (yoga and PiYo)


  1. We haven't got snow here yet. I'm hoping it holds out till after Thanksgiving at least!

    1. We just got a bit, but it's still hanging around :)

  2. A snowy run? Seeing as I've never seen real snow, I don't know if that would be a good or a bad thing - but I bet it looked pretty! :P

  3. I'm excited and ready to dive back into running too. It's a great feeling! :-)


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