The Week In Workouts

Happy Sunday!  Today I'm back recapping my workouts, and this was my first week of "fun running".  I went when I felt like it, ran as long as I wanted to, and walked when it felt right.  I also got to go with my favorite running partner- Selma! (my dog, if anyone doesn't know who she is).  Here's how the week went:


Rest Day


I started incorporating yoga before bed into my night time routine.  It's nothing challenging or intense, but it's great to do some stretching and relaxing before going to sleep.  I ended up doing it every night for the rest of the week!  I tried different videos (just search "Bed Time Yoga on youtube) and they were all great.


3 miles
I went to the gym before work to go running!  It felt good to get back after a little break, and I ended up having a great run.


Lunchtime yoga.  There was a lot of new balancing poses which were challenging!  For some reason during this class I always feel much more shakey than usual.  I'm not sure if it's because it's during lunch so I'm hungry, or if it's because the beginning of class is tough and my muscles are just tired out by the time we get to balancing?


3 miles
A day off means that I could run during the day!  I took Selma with me and we did an easy 3 miles with a mix of running and walking.  It was a beautiful day!


Rest Day


5 miles
Selma and I went to North Park and ran/walked around the lake.  It was so beautiful out and being there was just what I needed!  It's been kind of nice to just take it easy and not put pressure on myself to kill it at every run, and to get Selma out too!


  1. I used to do yoga right before bed, and I know it really helped me relax and sleep well. I think I need to start doing that again!

  2. Looks like you had a great week of workouts! Your Sunday lake run/walk sounds perfect!


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