NaBloPoMo (Alternative Title- Let's Get Personal)

Before I get into the meat of this post, I want to share a little about NaBloPoMo...aka National Blog Posting Month!  Pretty simple concept- for the entire month of November, you have to blog every day.  This is a challenge that I've never done before, and never heard of until I saw San's post, but I decided to jump right in.

There are daily prompts for ideas of what to write about.  Some days I'll follow the prompts, and other days I'll just post what I was normally going to.  Just be prepared- these posts aren't going to be polishes or perfect- I'm going to be speaking from my heart and trying to get a bit more deep.  I don't usually share my personal life or thoughts here, so hopefully these prompts will show more about me.

Today's prompt is- When was the last time you did something brave? What happened? 

This is a tough question for me to answer.  I'm sure that most people are going to talk about a time that they went bungee jumping, or swimming with sharks, or traveled to a new country.  As someone who is a self-proclaimed thrill-seeker, I can't really use these examples because I don't feel brave when I do them.

I love trying to find new adventures, push my limits, expand my horizons.  To me, these examples make me feel excited to be alive and are some of my favorite memories.  If there's something that I can do without hesitations, no matter how scary or intimidating it seems, it doesn't seem brave to me.

To me, I feel like I'm being brave when I stick up for myself or go against the grain for something that I believe in.  Growing up, I always struggled with two different sides- doing what my gut told me was the right thing to do, or going along with everyone else in order to not stand out and just fit in.  I can remember a specific instance of this in high school, when my group of friends started an awful "club" against a few girls in my grade.  Even though they were bullying a girl that wasn't always nice to me or my best friend, I knew that it wasn't right what the others were saying and doing to her.  It took a lot of courage for me to stand against them, but in the end I knew it was the right thing to do.

Ever since then, I've had to face other moral dilemmas in my life.  Would I take the easy way out and go with the crowd, even if I knew it was wrong?  Or would I take the better path, not be considered popular or cool, but have my morals in-tact?  I'm happy to say that for most of my life, I've always taken the better path, and I consider those to be my bravest moments.

What do you consider to be brave?
What are you most afraid of?  Don't laugh, but I'm terrified of squirrels
Who else is joining in NaBloPoMo?

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  1. I consider standing up for yourself when its not the most popular idea is brave. Im most afraid of something happening to my loved ones and also terrified of masks and people on stilts.

  2. What a cool post topic and I really love and agree with your interpretation of brave! I loved your high school example and I can't say I'm surprised that you had the integrity to stand against that group!

  3. I've always wanted to participate in this, so I look forward to those who do. Great prompt! I loved reading your answer. I'm not sure the last time I was brave.

    1. Thanks Elle! It's a fun challenge..maybe next year for you!

  4. I love you! You are such a golden person. It takes so much strength to stand up for what's right as a teenager. That's the toughest time to do something like that. SO GREAT.

  5. I love, love, love that you're jumping in and participate in NaBloPoMo, Gretchen! Looking forward to your posts!
    And I love the 'meat' of your post today.... I can very much relate to your story (I used to always side with the outsiders in highschool too!) and think it's a very good character trait to stand up against the 'mob'! Bravo!

  6. <3
    Bravery comes any time that we have to go against order--sometimes that is the natural order, sometimes that is the ordained order--and strike a new path because we BELIEVE it is right, not just because we know that it is. Bravery springs from faith and a different type of knowledge.

  7. haha i love the NaBloPoMo, i'll have to look into it. i know lots of people talk about the writing one that happens in November but i have never heard of this one.
    i like your view on being brave. honestly, i could not tell you the last time i felt brave or did something i was afraid of. moving across the world is probably the last time i did something i was scared of, but on the other hand, it wasn't an option to NOT do it, you know? i'm sure i have done other things but like you said, i don't feel brave when i do something without hesitation. and as i get older, i am less hesitant about standing up for what i feel is right or believe in, so i don't even feel brave then. i get scared in really odd situations, like the weights area at the gym (on my own), so i avoid that area. haha. maybe i'll go over there sometime in the next year and that can be my brave moment.

    1. Moving to a foreign country is DEFINITELY brave. It's something that I dream about doing but I don't think I'm ready for it yet!


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