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Hi everyone!  I've mentioned it a few times, but I love to scrapbook.  I started it my freshman year of college, and made one for each year.  After that, I started to travel and wanted to make one to remember each trip that I went on.  By now, I've completed 6 in total and I'm working on my seventh!

Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite pages and take a trip back in time.  I hope you enjoy!

Freshman Year - I was so excited about making it into the Blue Band!  Most of my memories from freshman year were from games and making friends in the band.

Freshman Year - We made it to the Rose Bowl!  It was the best week ever in sunny California.

Sophomore Year - I did Habitat for Humanity for spring break with a few of my best friends!  We built a house down in Florida and had a great time.

Sophomore Year - My childhood best friend got married, and I was a bridesmaid.  She had a garden theme, and our dresses were from H&M with hand-stitched flowers trailing down the front.

Junior Year - I went to lots of baseball games, both the Pirates and the State College Spikes!  I really like how this page turned out!

Junior Year - This was such an amazing internship.  I had one internship at Progressive Insurance and another at PNC, and both were great summers!  I'm still friends with a lot of the people that I interned with and love looking back on these pictures.

Senior Year - Making this one at the end of the year was so bittersweet!  I had so many good memories, but it was hard to believe that I was working on my final scrapbook and was done with school forever.

Senior Year - So many good memories!

Italy - My friend gave me the idea to use maps as backgrounds in scrapbooks.  I loved Rome and want to see more (hopefully smaller towns!)

I started to collect coasters from bars that we visited, and I loved how they looked in this colorful spread.

Costa Rica - One of my favorite countries!  So beautiful and full of amazing plants, so I tried to capture it with natural stickers.

Budapest - We visited Budapest and Prague during the holidays, and I used lots of glittery stickers to be festive!

Quote to live by :)

Who else likes to scrapbook?
Favorite memories?

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  1. I admire your talent to scrapbook. I wanted to do it and tried scrapbooking my wedding but just don't have the patience and I found it to be rather time consuming and expensive. I did do a really nice "mini" scrapbook (I think it's 8x8 size) for a trip I took to England and Ireland and I love how it turned out. Since then I've started digital scrapbooking and I enjoy that but actually haven't even done that for a while since I got a new PC and lost my photo editing program.
    How cool that you did habitat for humanity!

  2. I love this! I had a babysitter growing up who loved scrapbooking so she would bring over supplies for us to help her. I have one book from middle school but have since transitioned to Shutterfly books (definitely not as fun).

    1. We do those for gifts sometimes! Really cool and a lot easier to make.

  3. This is so cute! I love scrapbooking online rather than physical scrapbooking but I always love how physical scrapbooks look!
    I didnt know you went to Costa Rica! I think that's been my favorite country I've ever visited! It's so beautiful! I was hired as a translator for a building project for a missions trip. We worked on a mountain literally in the middle of the jungle around nothing else for 10 days and it was a once in a lifetime experience! I'd LOVE to go back!

    1. I loved Costa Rica so much! That sounds like an amazing job.

  4. These are great! I have loads of scrapbooks but the hobby fell to the wayside in university. I did complete a Smash Book during my last year but I wish I had one for all four years. I jumped on the Project Life train at the beginning of 2016 and it's become my new favourite thing. I love that I'm back in the habit of documenting life again!

  5. I did a tonne of scrapbooking when my oldest two were little. I've got a couple of huge books done. I should dig them out! I loved seeing your pages. You couldn't PAY me to scrapbook now, though.

  6. The extent of my scrapbooking is photo albums. And even then, I'm pretty bad at it! I did do a decent job of creating a scrapbook/album for one of my friends for her bridal shower... but that was about it.

  7. Your pages are all so good! I was really into scrapbooking when I was a lot younger, so my pages are soo bad/messy. You've visited so many cool places!

  8. Thanks for sharing your scrapbook pages. I love all the ideas you had about putting it together. I hope that you will be able to keep it up for all your travels. It is fun looking back on such good times.

  9. Oh I want to do this now. I would like to think that I scrapbook but really all I do is collect the memories and keep planning to put them together. You've inspired me to get to it.

  10. Your scrapbook is so cute! I'm not really into scrapbooking because I tend to get really OCD and pedantic and it turns into one big stress ball, haha... but I do love creating photobooks!

    Each year for our anniversary I create a photobook for Jesse with memories from the last year and I love putting them together and going back and looking through them!

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